Chase Q4 2018 5% Bonus Categories

Money / Friday, September 21st, 2018

I have officially activated my Q4 bonus categories for my Chase Freedom card!

I am so excited about the Q4 categories since it will be extremely easy for my husband and I to maximize the 5% categories. So far this year, we’ve had to get creative and find workarounds to getting the 5% back. And so far this year, I have not hit the $1,500 quarterly purchase threshold for any quarter. But Q4 is looking pretty promising.

The Q4 categories are wholesale clubs, department stores, and purchases made with Chase Pay.

My husband and I do the bulk of our grocery shopping at Costco and we spend $500-$600 a month on groceries. About 85% of that is spent at Costco, so I will easily surpass the $1,500 purchase threshold. Luckily, my husband also has a Chase Freedom card so we can get 5% back on $3,000 worth of purchases.

I’m extremely excited that we will finally be able to max out the 5% categories without any finagling. This will be a quick and relaxing quarter!